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I think he just went there on an extended vacation and exaggerated a lot to get attention.

Fredrik is so fucking annoying, I hope he goes away. Also another "friend" of Steve's who just happens to be a hot Chelsea queen I don't think Ryan is gay. Free huge tit granny porn. Bethenny had a photo of Steve on her phone that she said showed his cock. Steve gold model naked. It's all over, not just this thread. But dang […] Share this: But Ryan has higher acting ambitions.

It reminds me of when they bearded Ryan with one of the "Real Housewives" hags from Bravo a few years before the ruse with Emilia started! Or, did this all just naturally happen seems far fetched. I love how he keeps trying to be a player but he's actually too sweet for the cutthroat world he's in. The other two are way too fake. Someone with low self esteem would be attracted to Freddie. Naked sex fuck. Ryan is a boy not a man lover.

I suppose I think it would be more interesting as a "tasteful friends" style thread, but it appears i am in the minority. Bethenny and Fredrik are "friends" just for their new show. I don't know what's happened since then, I think he had a loft on the west side which he sold? I am absolutely convinced that either Ryan himself or a friend of his has hijacked this thread to try to profess his "straightness.

Don't forget, these cunts have to pay the taxman and they are taxed at higher rate. Then Fredrick talked about Jordan and the "lady pond". Including several male celebrities. I like Ryan and feel bad for him. And R, I agree! Except he's never even been there before.

He wanted to drop the price of their listing, but they had very solid concerns. Bravo TV, Daily Mail. Tim Gunn and Debbie Harry live In the building. OMG the sexual tension was SO obvious between these two.

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I am very afraid to learn where you might live what you might look like and what sorts of people you surround yourself with.

But I also detect a "mutual" using going on there He looked different this week. His gayness can be seen from space. Girls from bleach naked. Steve gold model naked. As an openly gay man, it REALLY pisses me off that in this day and age someone as blatantly gay as him could actually take things this far R I don't want to judge Derek because all we know of him is what we see on tv but he seems rather insecure to me.

Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. If you look at Ryan's Wikipedia page there is no mention of his parents or siblings. If you want to insist his marriage with Emilia is real, so be it. Everyone I've ever known named "Gold" was Jewish.

Of course, but now you'll probably have to hear it from the desperate frau on here who thinks we are all "just seeing things" and that we're trying to "make" these "straight" men gay!!! Looks and personality are both irritating as hell. I always try to have a good portion of lean protein with my meals to keep muscle and not get too skinny, and of course, vegetables, just for proper nutrients.

That's why they picked her, instead of one of the thousands of beautiful women in NYC to set him up on a date with!! Now he's done it again. Always hungry for a challenge, Gold decided to move on from fashion and go big into real estate. Read Next This designer knits sweaters for Marvel superheroes. Joe budden nude pic. R - It actually makes sense when you think of it as Luis running away before the people around him get to truly know him.

Just Jordan and Ryan. Nobody is THAT cheerful. I've run into Annie Leibowitz a few times in the elevator when visiting friends. He was the only one where they didn't show the parents.

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I think he does this on purpose to maintain the persona he's trying to project. I truly don't know how anyone could argue that Ryan is "straight" after last night's episode. And of course I don't mean the beard on his face, I mean the one he's "married" to! Expect at least one question from Andy about Steve's dick. R, None of my friends know Steve directly. I know that girl ass. I wonder if half the reason he entered into that fake marriage is because his family had disowned him for being gay and a fake marriage was the only way to get them to tolerate him.

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