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Origin buck naked

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AmaryllisBunnyJun 5, Wiktionary is to explain the meaning and history of a word. Slang, particularly slang that is really, really close to the original, often a mispoken variant or a homophonic shift, is the root of a lot of grammar trouble. Two girl blowjob tube. Origin buck naked. Many many words do not a proof make. So, I was left to my own devices.

To breach means to break. How's that for being a geek? However, the main point I'd like to make with this one is that it IS a quote from someone speaking, not from a journalist writing. Condescendingly applied in the US to Native Americans and black slaves, it quickly acquired negative connotations. To use that type of language was never done in public. In the American South, "buck naked" or its corruption "butt naked" means not in your house, out looking for trouble on Saturday night and wearing no clothes.

It was interesting to research and it is one of those little things that, while little, it's nice to KNOW what the answer is, or at least how the answer works with reasonable clarity. My point is not to go into the book itself, but to point out that it is a book written by a highly educated author, peer reviewed in academic journals, and published by a university press University of British Columbia Press. Lesbian sex in the library. For what it's worth, and contrary to what I wrote in my most recent hub, I think including works cited helps with spiders as much as it does for credibility and fair use, etc.

At first I did the basic Google search to see what I could come up with. I've just checked a number of resources, on and off line; there's little explanation of either term. Hmmm, seems you've already signed up for this class. No, create an account now. Maybe they're mooning someone or something, who knows? We also find slaves in the American South often working with little clothing. I believe the phrase is a slang term, and perhaps one that is more prominent in the African-American community than elsewhere.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sky blue just irks me. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. FumbleFingers while the matter of the phrase's origin was included as a point that "would be of interest" in that question, it was neither the crux of that question, nor addressed by the answers.

There is actually no definitive answer as to where the term orginated from. Sex nude 69. Shall we not try to introduce the new term Hart Naked to an expectant world, holding its breath for new language innovation? What does butt naked mean?

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We do, in fact, look at a naked chick's ass when we see it, rendering her condition, by definition, "butt" naked. Of the three, we can argue in favour of the second, though with the people referenced being as much those of African as of American origin.

I stand by the decision rhetorically, and just grin and raise my beer at you and your you-ness. Over 40 milf porn. There are three references to clothes and by inference the absence of them, that have to do with linen and laundry: And isn't that "smyting pigs" thing to die for? The OED suggests that buck as in buck private "probably" has the sense of buck meaning "man", particularly a young one, perhaps as in "young buck".

I'd seriously like to see you do a documentary subject on this: I've been meaning to read this piece of yours for some time. Origin buck naked. The first verifiable instance in English writing appears to be in and the last inthis last a reference from Australia.

He practically steals the picture via his buck-naked, high-speed motorcycle ride. I will call him and see if he can hook us up, perhaps making a vote unnecessary. He spent a day in jail, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a small fine. Examples of this usage may be found in nineteenth-century entries in the US Congressional Record. How fun is that? The notion that "buck" and "buff," another term to describe nudity, are both derived from buckskin and buffalo hides.

I loved the Sacramento state search results comparisons. And yes, I agree that, technically, you can make a pretty good argument that "buck" naked is redundant these days. Nude girl on grass. In fact, it may actually be a cultural thing too, although I admit I am really, really stretching here because my research was not exhaustive and is limited to what I was willing to do in five or six hours tops. I agree and absolutely detest PC avoidance of anything.

Google finds 46, pages for "buck naked" andfor "butt naked", which is close enough to even to make it clear that both are well established. On the lazy thing, I suppose if I told you I should be working on my novel not these silly hubs of mine, you would purse your lips and raise your eyebrows in that knowing sort of "ah hah" sort of things, nodding slightly and realizing how sloth seeps in.

And you're right, there's "right" and there's "cute" or slang. Butt naked would be redundant.

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August 4, at 4: They were considered to not be human which made it more acceptable to treat them like animals. I just don't have the attention span for hard core seriousness. The term "butt naked" is just another example of mis-pronounciation that gets ingrained in people's speech. Haha, I know, this was supposed to be a little two hour hub while I waited for my wife to get ready for our road trip. And I know, those rabbits killed me. Brandi passante nude porn. Shall we not try to introduce the new term Hart Naked to an expectant world, holding its breath for new language innovation?

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? And yes, I agree that, technically, you can make a pretty good argument that "buck" naked is redundant these days. Buffwhen referring to nakedness, as in in the buffcomes from the similarity of the color of tanned buffalo hide to human skin. The really amazing thing that I didn't mention last night probably because you already know this! I will call him and see if he can hook us up, perhaps making a vote unnecessary.

As the person who has inhabited the "name" Buck Naked for nearly 20 years as an underground DJ in my home town of Sydney Australia - I am keen to know whether people believe that this is better recorded as a word or a term. Lesbian grinding porn videos. Since Anglo-Saxon times, buck has meant a male deer and in Middle English its use was extended to several other mammalian species.

My research brought me across a few plausible explanations: As much as one would like to educate the illiterate populace and here I again refer to Christoph Reilley as a case in pointone MUST consider the mundane, such as base coin. Only you would come up with a hilarious hub on wordings that most people really do not give a hoot about.

Well, Randy, I thought I "knew" too, until I did the Google search and found so much crap defending the worst examples of research. The discussion doesn't mention "butt naked", but implies by omission that "buck naked" was an original development:.

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